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Year End Thoughts

As this year draws to a close I was thinking about all the wonderful artists that were selected to exhibit their work at the Bow Valley Ranche. Yes, we saw an increase in sales and were exploring different styles of artwork to present to visitors. As you know a percentage of sales goes to support the Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society.

Victoria exhibiting her work at the Ranche Restaurant.

The restaurant events coordinator Rosa, manager Felix, and staff were so supportive and offered ways to help promote the artists. Without a building we would not be able to present this artwork and without the continuous efforts of founder, Larry Wasyliw this historic building would not exist!

Here we see Larry on the left, Jeanette, Rosa and Felix on the right.

Larry has a vision not only for the preservation of the building but also to build relationships with the Indigenous community. It takes teamwork, patience and perseverance to create something new. The most recent initiative is the Iistiik Garden. Larry continuously works with Provincial Government and Indigenous Nations to promote this project yet still is still aware of every aspect of the Ranche happenings. Always calm, reassuring and interested Larry leads us forward.

Samantha Victoria and Students Victoria (with the red hat) doing Plein Air

As Art Exhibition Coordinator I have met so many interesting people, artists, musicians and volunteers who care for the gardens. You may have seen Samantha who takes photos of events at the Ranche for the BVR Newsletter.

Plein Air Painting Course.

Next year we will be expanding our Plein Air activities as we have had numerous requests. The Ranche is truly an oasis along the Bow and many many visitors will agree. But we need your support to flourish.

Thank goodness for Annie’s Café where after a long walk on a summer’s day you can refresh yourself with a creamy ice cream cone! So we greatly appreciate your patronage and participation in furthering the cause of the Bow Valley Ranche where cultures mingle and conversations begin!!

Victoria Zyluk

Art Exhibition Coordinator

Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society

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