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Wishing you a Colourful Christmas!

Christmas is upon us! I love the joyful colours and friendly greetings! Although I’m okay with a low key celebration there is one place that is number one on my ”Stop and Shop” list and that is Swinton’s Art Supplies. My friend Gloria donned her Santa suit and came along with me.

She went wild! Exploring the store with her was great fun! Eyes wide open she dashed from shelf to shelf. Canvas, paper, brushes, gadgets, kits, specialty items, paints of every medium! It was when she filled her shopping baskets with large containers of acrylic paint that I drew the line (although I admit I was just as tempted).

The store is like a multi-coloured rainbow! An explosion of colour! My wish list grew longer. Decisions, decisions! Ever helpful the staff patiently answered questions and explained usage of materials. Gloria was particularly interested in the Brushes and proceded to examine them carefully. She however viewed them as tasty morsels. But after all what do you expect from a goat? Gloria needed to be watched carefully. Then she spied the canvasses near the ceiling. Before I knew it she had climbed up amongst them.

No amount of coaxing would bring her down. This was her world! The higher the better! When she discovered that we had lost interest in pursuing her she tired of the game and quietly descended.

Just as I was about to escort her to the car Rion Swinton kindly agreed to a photo with Gloria. She is such a diva! Any and every chance for a photo! We selected a spot just in front of the Acrylic marking pens. (This area is like eating potato chips ---- you can’t be satisfied with just one! ) Gloria begged to have one. However, we ended up with some for her whole family as each one had a favourite colour. Mama G adored blue. Francine pink and orange for Roxie. What did Gloria choose? Why red of course!

What did I learn? Never take a goat shopping with you!

But I’m hoping Santa will bring me that metal paint tube squeezer! (Hint, hint, Gloria).

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