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What a Busy Week!

Last weekend I was privileged to attend a Plein Air painting demonstration by Artist extraordinaire, Doug Levitt, who recently showcased his artwork at the Calgary Stampede. If you're curious about Plein Air painting, just ask Doug and he will be

pleased to share his wealth of information. By painting out doors your colours will be

truer and more accurate! Just being outdoors awakens an emotional response to the environment. Paint

what you know. Paint what you feel and this in turn will be conveyed to

the viewer.

On the following day, full of enthusiasm and anticipation, we set up our easels in various locations on the grounds of the Bow Valley Ranche. We endured the intense heat of the day, in true pioneer fashion, determined to produce at least one painting by the end. The

hours flew by and yes, I did have one acrylic painting,

Tip: Acrylic paints dry even more quickly outdoors. Add an extender fluid or use a wet palette.

I loved the camaraderie of the artists encouraging, offering suggestions, over-coming challenges all in the pursuit of creativity. I vowed, then and there, to paint En Plein Air more often (and to take more water!!)

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