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We will be adding delivery charges!

We have found that free delivery isn't really being used as most of our clients prefer to pick up their purchases from us. However, our long distance clients are finding that working through recognized carriers such as Canada Post are more reliable and using CP's Tracking service gives our clients peace of mind.

It also gives us "peace of mind" as well. We are also looking at other services for international deliveries. Currently, we are planning to do three "dry runs" to

work this plan through. We are going to use three or four different addresses throughout the world and are going to send FREE GIFTS OF OUR PHOTOGRAPHS to these individuals. That will give us standard packages to compare. We will also be making sure that we have the correct packaging for mailing. If you happen to see this blog and would like to receive some free photographs by Samantha, please drop us a line.

Here are two of the possible photographs that you could receive.

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