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Water colour, Wine, New Programmes, New sign and so on!

Yesterday, we had our Wine and Art Class, as the students found that they could paint with water colours and wine. The class, planned for one and a half hours lasted for an extra hour as the students were so focused that they had to complete their work. Upon completion they joined their instructor for cheese and crackers. Those who preferred not to drink wine were able to enjoy grape juice. After they completed their work they

were able to tour our garden and see our "Valiant Vines" which had survived their first winter. Three made it and one is on life support. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

On May 20, we were able to give our friend Bill a painting of his ancestral home in China. Bill has been a great friend of ours for over 40 years and we were honoured to be able to present him with this commission at a brunch we had in his honour along with some of our friends. We were thrilled to make crepes, bacon, eggs Florentine, sausages, pan-fried potatoes. a limoncello tiramisu and Samantha's famous biscotti dipped in coffee, tea or milk.

My web "techie" will be heading into hospital on Tuesday for knee replacement surgery. She had had her left knee replaced December 20 and now she is having her right knee worked on. We're hoping that she will be home by May 31 and that she will be working on the website soon after that. Get well soon Samantha!

On my front lawn I have placed a sign advertising for my children's summer classes and we have the July dates posted on our website. We are posting individual classes so that parents will be able to cut and paste classes for their children. They could come every day for the month or maybe once a week for the month. Anyway, take a look at what we're offering. In the next few days we'll be posting our July

summer classes for adults. Well, by the time you see the next blog, Samantha will be out of the hospital looking forward to recovery and her lawn bowling. The other thing is that the next exhibition will be being hung at the Ranche. We had a successful exhibition there this time and 30% of all our sales will be going to the BVR Historical Society.

We're also going to have another display at Annie's, but this time it will be a photography display. All sales from that will also contribute 30% to the society.

Finally, Victoria has been named to the BVR Historical Society Board of Directors. Congratulations to Victoria.

What's this about? Well Samantha gets away from me at times and just posts pictures of me. just because. Mind you it was a great moment. Anyone up for en plein air? More about that next time.

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