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Victoria Zyluk, Artist, has a "Shrimp Fest" and Hangs her paintings.

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Wow! The last two weeks have been chockfull of exciting activities! The paintings of three artists (including myself) are now hung in the Ranche Dining Salon and are available for viewing. The exhibition looks GREAT!! We are now preparing for an upcoming Artist Reception in the Spring.

My best friend, Samantha just celebrated her 75th birthday with a "Shrimp fest". She loves shrimp. Me, I'm more of a salmon eater.

While I'm awaiting the revival of plants in my back garden, I'm experimenting with metallic and fluorescent acrylics which I purchased at Swinton's Art Supply last week. I also bought some stiff and sturdy long handled school classroom brushes perfect for scumbling and vigorously moving paint across the canvas. (Very inexpensive but bristles can fall out!) These brushes encourage me to think in large areas of colour and are very important in my expressive work.

On Saturday, February 4, I had the privilege of attending the presentation of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal awarded to Larry Wasyliw, founder of The Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society for his role in preserving the history of the Area.

I'm also having fun with my Valentine's Day 2 for the price of one painters. In fact we have had to add extra classes.

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