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Victoria's View - New Format Coming


  • Painting and Quote by Artist Doug Swinton

  • Commentary by Victoria Zyluk, Art Exhibition Coordinator, Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society

What's New:

  • Victoria's New Painting

  • July Exhibition of Victoria's abstract landscapes at Impact Framing

  • An updated newsletter format

“Discover Art That Speaks to You: If my paintings stir something within you, but owning one isn’t possible right now, consider sharing this spark with someone you know. Your recommendation is the highest form of support, helping art find its home and artists their audience. Let’s weave a tapestry of connections through the love of art.”

Plein Air Painting at Watson Lodge. Bring your equipment, lunch, chair (and a guitar) for some fun. Email Victoria at

“The painting is finished when the idea has disappeared.” - artist, Doug Swinton

“The painting is finished when the idea has disappeared.” is an intriguing statement. I’m not quite sure what this means but it is certainly worth exploring! However, what I do know from previous experience is that it is murky territory to decide when a painting is finished. Is it YOU or the painting that decides? We may start out with a desire to express our feelings about what we’re viewing at that moment in time, through reference photos, on location painting, or memory. We can use imagination along with our own interpretation or embellishment. The “idea” is only a springboard. What happens next is up to us. Now it’s time for our own artistic spin on it! While in the process, the painting may take us in an entirely different direction. Here is where flexibility enters! Go with it! Use your intuition. Stand back, what is your immediate impression of your efforts? Seek a different perspective. Make adjustments. Be patient. Does the painting need more or less? At times speedy decisions will need to be made. Other times don’t be too hasty! After all, perhaps the painting only needed time. As in life, sometimes we just need to step back or away from the situation and ponder. You may not have followed the prescribed and accepted rules (knowing them is helpful) but the painting works!! And we recognize it!!!

"Rawson Lake" by Doug Swinton

Victoria Zyluk

Art Exhibition Coordinator

Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society

Garden Walk by Victoria Zyluk

What's Hot

All you artists will be glad to know that the water crisis in Calgary is over!!!

What's Next

  • July 21 Plein Air Painting at Watson Lodge 10:30am - 2:30pm. Contact Victoria

  • Victoria’s Demo at Midtowne Gallery for HeART for change - Ending Domestic Abuse Fundraiser online art sale July 29 - August 16.

  • Our August Newsletter will consist of a new and exciting format. To receive this letter please send a request to me at

  • We will continue in this format until the end of September 2024.

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