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Valentine's Day, New Cart, Snow, Snow, Snow, Art Exhibitions!

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is one of my favourite days of the year! Even more so, this year as I got to share my love of painting with those who came for my Valentine's Special 2 for 1 evenings. I am always delighted with the amazed expressions on faces when they see what they've created. I compare it to an "archaeological" discovery!

My new tiered paint cart is the perfect place on which on which to store all my acrylic paint containers and tubes. Plus, it has wheels, so, I can easily roll it where needed!

Drawing the curtains aside this morning revealed a lovely winter scene that simply needed a response. So inspired with brush in hand, I'm ready to create a painting expressing my reaction to the wintery scene. I must remember to show the variations of colour of snow. Besides a totally white painting would be boring! Remember to check out our wonderful exhibition currently at the Bow Valley Ranche. Watch for information on our upcoming Reception in March!

P.S. I am so pleased to announce my participation in the Beacon Original Art Exhibition and Sale on Sunday April 23.

However, more to come on that topic in my next Blog on March 5 !

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