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Summer Months lead to Autumn Sales!

I recently sold "Autumn Woods", The August Super Saver. I love the colours that will be soon with us and the walks that I will be taking as I explore a new fall season. In September I will be posting a pastel for our September Super Saver. Check out the new classes and activities that are posted on my website. I am also sharing my new postcard with my followers. It has a QR code on it. That way people can scan it with their mobiles and be directed to my website. On Sunday August 20, I will be attending the last Sketchit club of the summer, If you can make it join us outside the Ranche Restaurant at 10.15 am.

The sketchit club includes Photographers, Poets, painters, sketchers and so on. At noon, we meet, have lunch and share our activities with the group.

Annie's Café

Outdoor Porch Sale

Indoor off the Wall Sale

Photograph Sale which also includes photographs by three other photographers including Samantha Zyluk

Courtesy of the Kranz Family

Saturday, August 26 | 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.

Annie’s Café

“A celebration and tribute to this talented young photographer who loved spending time amongst nature in Fish Creek Park and who left us much too soon.”

Photography of nature and wildlife on canvas in various sizes.

Proceeds to the Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society.

For more information email Larry Wasyliw or call him at 403.613.9378


In order to generate some excitement around this, we will be running a social contest in August for a chance to win one of these amazing pieces. Make sure you're following us Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win.

I am offering Therapeutic Adult Art Activities

Our Adult Classes present

These classes are private and I will be working with my clients. These classes are booked directly with me. The initial session is free, after which, clients must take a minimum of six sessions.

Photography is a new gallery featuring the stunning works of Samantha Zyuk. From landscapes to still life, these photographs capture the beauty and emotion of the world around us. These works are available for purchase, providing an easy way to bring a unique and captivating piece of art into your home. Samantha will be at the Kranz Family Sale exhibiting her work on Saturday, August 26 | 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. at Annie’s Café. Now that the August Super Saver has been sold, we are displaying "Discovery" (Acrylic) on canvas 24" x 24" x 1.0". To truly appreciate this painting the viewer must see it in person, The painting has a variety of contours that adds to the beauty and surrealness of the painting.

*** "Surrealism has no unified style, but, in painting, one can distinguish a range of possibilities falling between two extremes. At one pole, the viewer is confronted by a world that is completely defined and minutely depicted but that makes no rational sense: realistically painted images are removed from their normal contexts and reassembled within an ambiguous, paradoxical, or shocking framework."

*** The editors of the Encyclopaedia Britannica

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