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Plein Air in all Weather – June 16, 2024

Hello to all you plein air painters!! Thank you to all who braved the weather to come out to the Bow Valley Ranche last Sunday. I was glad that I wore my winter jacket and brought only essentials.

After setting up in a semi protected area in the Artisan Gardens I rapidly made my sketch and composition. That day really tested my speed painting skills before my fingers froze! Some curious onlookers stopped by to watch my progress. The Ranche is a wonderful place to paint in various seasons and is a joyful experience.

There, you can “get out of your head” as you are surrounded by nature that seems to extract and absorb all your cares even if for a short time! I’ll be back to paint on Sundays (look for the red hat). Stop by to say hello and I’ll try not to ignore you ( only very focused) as I beat the clock in a race with the drying time of my acrylic paints. Yes, it is a challenge. I took my semi-completed painting back to my studio where I continue to ponder as to whether I have represented the mood of that overcast day.

REMEMBER to come to our next Plein Air Day at WATSON LODGE on Sunday, July 21. Let me know if you plan to join us for this FREE event. Contact me at 401 – 201 – 0498.

Bring your guitar, recorder, flute…. For some fun over lunchtime!

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