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Pizza, Fine Art, Fine Dining, Meet the Artists and support the Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society!

Meet the Artists, Wednesday, April 12 is almost here and I'm so excited to meet new people at the beautiful Bow Valley Ranche! The original paintings displayed on their

walls envelop you in a world of colours! As you explore the paintings you will soon be able to recognize each artist's unique style and technique. You can even ask the artists about their

work when you meet them on April 12

and also have a fabulous dinner as well! How often can you dine in an art gallery! Fine Arts and Fine Dining, what a perfect combination!

Sometimes when I'm painting, I get absorbed in my work that I lose track of time and forget to eat. Well, that won't happen on April 21 at my "Pizza 'n Painting" evening (6.30pm - 8.00pm)

(cost $40.00 each) Eat paint and Relax!!!

When you buy a painting at the Ranche 30% of that is donated to the Ranche Historical Society.

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