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Recently we have seen an increase in the number of original paintings sold, both online and art shows. Also, we are enjoying working with our students in creating their own paintings that they and I have painted.

This is a co creation between Cindy Z and I.

I have created two poems to celebrate the Joys of both selling and buying original artwork.

The Joy of Selling an Original Painting

I paint with colours of my soul

I pour my heart into each stroke

I capture moments of beauty and grace

I share my vision with the world.

I see my painting on display

I hear the praises of the crowd

I feel the warmth of their applause

I smile with pride and gratitude

I meet the buyer of my painting

I shake their hand and thank them kindly

I watch them take my painting home

I hope they cherish it forever

I count the money from the sale

I pay my bills and buy some supplies

I plan my next artistic project

I dream of more joy to come

The Joy of Buying an Original Painting

I see a painting that catches my eye

A splash of colour, a stoke of light

I feel a spark of curiosity and delight

I learn about the artist and their story

Their inspiration, their passion, their journey

I sense a connection that draws me in

I decide to buy the painting and make it mine

A unique and authentic piece of art

I experience a thrill and satisfaction and pride

I hang the painting on my wall and admire it

A source of beauty, a touch of life

It touches my heart


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