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Our Fun Outside!

Well after our "Plein Air" week end with Doug Levitt. we were so excited and enthusiastic from our experience that we spent a week practicing our skills at a variety of places. On August 3, we jumped into our car loaded with art equipment, food, water, chairs, a table and camera equipment. Driving west,

and driving west, not sure where we were heading, but wishfully hoping that we were on the correct track, we went past fields with bales of hay, fields of horses, the occasional golf course, acreages and farms. Then we drove past Bragg Creek and started to drive into the mountains. We were in the Kananaskis! Oh yes don't forget we had to buy a day pass on our computer the night before. It's weird driving, not really

knowing where you're driving but trusting in your own sense of direction. Well, we were driving up and down hill, following a river, I think the Elbow. The further west we went the mountains grew in size. We liked the parking spots on the side of the road overlooking the river. We drove past a left turn and immediately found ourselves on gravel. We should have turned left and followed the paved road. Turning around we headed a short distance south and there was our destination: Forget-me-not Pond. From where we parked we could see the lake twinkling in the sunlight. Walking down a pathway we saw our friends sitting around a table painting. We shared a cheery "hello" and then went to find another location, from where to paint. Victoria found a picnic table

and started to organize herself and started to sketch. Samantha, that's me, made sure that she had her handy Kodak Camera and that it was properly charged, which it was. Today I was going to play with the zoom lens. So while Victoria was sketching I planned to walk around the pond. I've just had two knee replacements within six months and saw this as a challenge to test my

stamina. Stopping occasionally to take photographs I was able to circumnavigate the pond. As I got closer to my starting point, I met Victoria who suggested that we have lunch. Now fortified Victoria started on her "plein air" watercolour. Several people would stop and chat with Victoria asking her about her artwork and her inspiration to paint. All too soon it was time to drive home and share our excitement for our day at Forget-Me-Not Lake.

A few days later we went to visit a friend of ours. His home is like an eagle's nest set high in nature. The photograph below shows the view from the back deck. We are looking to the north-west across to the trans-Canada highway.

Whilst Victoria was working with our host, I was left alone with my camera, and God Forbid, Roxie. Roxie had been introduced to our host who welcomed her into his home.

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