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Mr. McMooch, I Presume?

Every year Victoria likes to travel to Lake Louise to take in the beautiful scenery, take photographs and enjoy nature! As, can be seen, nature and appreciating the beautiful lakes, valleys and mountains are amazing. This part of Alberta showcases Canadian beauty and the fauna that we have in this wonderful country!

As an artist Victoria has made it her challenge to display the Canada of today, before it melts into oblivion. Take the glacier at Lake Louise and how it has receded with the warmer weather that we are experiencing.

Well Victoria and Samantha travelled to Lake Louise last year and discovered that even though the children were back in school the place was crowded. There were so many tourists that we had to park on the very top level of the parking spots. From there we walked down to the hotel where we shared a snack. After exploring the hotel we walked out to the lake.

Fairmont Hotel at Lake Louise

we walked through the gardens at the hotel and along the shore of the lake. Standing on the shore we noticed a chipmunk looking for treats amongst the rocks. He looked at us and made eye contact. We were done for. He knew that he had us in the palm of his paw. Trying to ignore him we walked toward the path that was going to take us to the parking lot. We paused for a final look at the lake and looking down we noticed our chipmunk. We ignored him and kept going. Another pause and the "little guy was still there holding out his paws. How cute, we thought. Then he was posing with a smile on his face. We could almost hear him please give me a nut, please. Well, Samantha took a whole bunch of photographs, getting closer and closer to him. He still didn't leave. A final photograph and then we walked on to the car park. Once at home Samantha edited the photograph and we had a picture.

You can see the smile on his face and we're sure that he was hoping that we would feed him. I, Samantha, can't tell whether the chipmunk was a male or female but for the purpose of the photograph we called him Mr. Mooch, in the dictionary is defined as to ask for or obtain (something) without paying for it: I also have a friend from Scotland who claims that his frugality comes from being Scots. Thus Mr. McMooch.

Here is a poem about him!

Mr. McMooch is a chipmunk with a blurry face
He likes to roam around the forest at his own pace
He has a brown body and an orange tail
He can find nuts and berries without fail

Mr. McMooch is a friendly and curious fellow
He sometimes greets the birds with a hello
He doesn't mind the cold or the snow
He always has a warm and cozy burrow

Mr. McMooch is a happy and content creature
He enjoys the simple beauty of nature
He doesn't need money or fame or power
He just lives in the moment and savors every hour
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