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Inventory Time Prices Adjusted!

As we cruise into the Christmas Season and Christmas Sales. I spent my time yesterday perusing all of my paintings. Samantha will be doing the same with her photographs in the next few days. The biggest hit that I take is the price of our frames (between ($50.00 to $200.00). It's worthwhile to frame my work, as the frames enhance the paintings. However, I do have that expense back when I sell a painting.

The amusing photograph by Samantha of Gloria being "framed" shows an example of a frame that I use on my paintings. Added to the price of the frame is the cost of the frame or paper, which like paints and "stuff" including brushes can vary in price according to the quality of the product. Most artists that I know aim for good quality products that define the painting and bring out its quality. In my last blog, I talked about time spent on the painting. I normally am working on several paintings at the same time, but the time does even out by the time the paintings are complete. There are other items that I haven't mentioned, such as gasoline and delivery costs. Delivery costs will vary according to where the work is being delivered. I have hand delivered my paintings in Calgary but even in Canada Framed paintings being mailed can be expensive. I have sent paintings to England/Europe, The States and Australia. All framed artwork outside of Alberta will be subject to delivery charges, which will be shared with the purchaser before the final price of the painting will be posted. "Mountain Meadow" amongst several other paintings has been reduced in price as I move to clear my storage spaces in my studio.

Art displays and Art Shows are another major source of income and the people who display my art charge a fee to coordinate this work, collect the payments for the work that I sell and later pay me the balance for my work. It's as though I rent the space that I take up for my display. When I was younger, galleries would charge me up to 60%, tell me that I had to reframe my painting and if they couldn't sell my work I'd have to pay for the frame. I would send my friends into some of these galleries and they would show an interest in my work only to be steered toward the "Robert Bateman" prints. On the other hand some of the galleries would do great work allowing me to sell my work that they had.

Now that I'm older, there are galleries that I would never display my work in, because I know that no effort would be made to sell my work. On the other hand there are galleries that I will display my work and they will make a great effort to sell it for me. We do all learn by the experience of our youth.

These are some of the hidden costs of selling a painting that many people don't understand. Anyway, these are some thoughts that came to mind when I was doing my yearly stock taking.

Of course there are many benefits in selling art. I love meeting the people who come to the show. Many of whom have incredible insights and suggestions. I love meeting my fellow artists and see amazing works done by them. Some of which motivate me to consider new ideas and approaches. At some shows I meet fellow artisans who will sell me jewelry, books and I'm looking forward to see the two new mugs that I ordered. I also get to see different parts of the city, the province and country as I display my work.

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