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Well, our broken dishwasher is still silently sitting in its alcove next to the sink. Payday is getting closer and closer and we'll be so thankful when our budget will allows us to buy a new dishwasher. I guess that having the dishes in the sink and no dishwasher forces us to tidy the kitchen before my students come.

I mentioned that I was starting a new instructional format in January. Well shortly after that announcement I received my first phone call from one of our students. He asked if he and I could meet and talk about what he would like to do.

When I told him that we should wait until after Christmas he said that he wanted to meet and start his classes in the next couple of weeks. We met and I found out that he wanted to start classes now and go for six weeks rather than four. As his planning continued he decided that he would prefer private lessons so that he could get personal attention. So with the Individual Educational Plan (a term from my teaching days) in hand I started to prepare for the following week. In preparation, I had to buy some supplies that he would need and I would talk with him about the rest that he should get. We have had our first class and I'm amazed

at how motivated he is. I have had enquiries from an individual who works in the evening and they wanted to know if they could have classes in the morning. I'm looking forward to our first planning session. Another message was from a parent who wanted to take lessons with their child after school. I've had some other enquiries and so I do have some meetings scheduled for January.

Another exciting bit of news is that I am having installed extra lighting in my studio. It's supposed to be ready to work on Thursday! These are exciting days!

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