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OK OK, I've been told that we need to have a weekly blog. So, I'll try to do that for all my friends out there!

Many of you ask me to send you a daily reminder (even phone you) on the morning of an activity. I'd love to do that but it's not always possible, and when I phone someone, who asked to be reminded, in the morning, my phone call isn't always received with great happiness and glee. So, I was thinking and came up with an idea. I have posted a new page on my website. It's called WHAT'S NEW/QUOI DE NEUF. Yes, if you click on the green writing you'll be transported to the page.

Above is a picture of Annie's Café at the Bow Valley Ranche. Yep we had that up on the What's New page yesterday! But let's start at the beginning. The Elbow River. Samantha and I are touring various sites in Alberta and last week we visited, what I call a layby, a place where cars pull off the main highway and park. Samantha has this little red camera, a Kodak, and she was able to take photographs of the Elbow River below. A little editing and wow! This is what we got!

Yes! Samantha has discovered the world of zoom lenses. When I suggested that Samantha climb to the top of a tree to take a picture, she hurriedly told me that she had a zoom lens. So no climbing to the top of the tree. Yes the photograph is cloudy because of the forest fire's in the area. I will be posting Samantha's photographs on my website and you may order prints or the prints in a frame. Take a look under photographs.

I have also posted a new page titled - How do I make a purchase? You will know that you're there because of the mill wheel in operation in Bayeux in France.

On that page, you' be guided to the different galleries or workshop pages where you'll be guided to make a purchase. If you click on the photographs you'll be guided to where you want to go. There is one photograph that isn't connected and that's the "Purchase and Delivery Page". You'll be able to purchase the items that you want to and we will deliver them to you through Canada Post or by hand in Calgary if you want! I get it that some of you think that our website could be a con, so why don't you try buying a photographic print for $10.00 and we'll deliver it to you.

However, did you know that we run into scams every day and that's why we don't

accept NFTs and various banking items.

"Create your Wellness" has become our mission statement. When you surrender to taking an art course and let me guide you through the steps, you will find a relaxation flowing through you. I also conduct therapeutic art courses which are private and you need to register for six to seven lessons. If you're interested please contact me and we'll meet and design a programme especially for you.

Create Your Wellness, enjoy taking some classes with Victoria. They are posted on the "Many Ways to Create your wellness" page. Classes start in September, with adult classes listed until November. The Therapeutic classes are different and you will have to contact Victoria for those classes.

On Saturday I attended the "Porch and Off the Wall Sales" we had a great time at Annie's and met many new friends. The Porch Sale exhibited the works of Mitchell Kranz. The Off The Wall Sale exhibited the works of Amber Hahn, Dave Miell and Samantha Zyluk. I coordinated the two sales with volunteers Cindy Zhang and Patricia Mckeown. In the afternoon we were joined by the talented guitarist Ben Tizzard, an Instructor at Cornerstone Music Café. Thanks to all of you and our friends who dropped by.

See you all next weekend in my next blog!

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