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“Why?” Many of us wait and withhold or postpone our dreams or goals in life for later. In the meantime we think we are preparing for when that day comes. Do it now. Feed your soul. What gives you happiness may change.

The key is to find joy in every day and that joy does not have to come in grandiose packages. During the dark winter months we reflect, redefine and restate our priorities. The New Year celebration signifies another chance in the upcoming year. Do not stop the celebration. Look for the good in others for we are all on a life’s  path and our  purpose is to help someone else along the way.

How to live joyfully comes in many forms----- Dancing, Singing, Writing, Sports, Art.

Try something new! Visit an Art Gallery. Start an art collection that reflects your life’s story. When you view a piece of art that you absolutely  love, it may bring comfort, trigger memories of special times, and healing reminding you that you are stronger than you think!

This year I will be entering more art exhibits, meeting new people, learning new techniques to pass onto my students, painting more en plein air and trying to make the most of each day. That doesn’t mean packing in as much work as I can but rather taking the time to watch a bird on the deck or the sunrise or kids sledding on the hill.

So today I am going to enjoy baking cookies with friends and crunching them with a cup of tea!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

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