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Dolly the Trolley, Spring Cleaning a Sofa Bed for free!!

Hi everyone! Just beginning some spring cleaning and thinking of how to "create" more space in my studio. Does anyone need a sofa bed? FREE!! I've come across some bottlecaps that would be great for my textured

abstracts! It's amazing what you can find around the house that will help you with your paintings. Oh by the way, I've named my trolley, "Dolly"! Get it? "Dolly the Trolley". As you can see, it has three shelves that I can put my paint stuff on and then roll my equipment around the studio. I love Dolly!

On Saturday I purchased some wonderful pastel acrylic paint. Not just only for spring but super for all season paintings!! Samantha and I wandered down to Swinton's and I felt like a "kid" in a candy store. Well I outlasted Samantha who escaped to the car, as soon as she could. What else did I need? Ahem, brushes. Not the type for sweeping the floor, but those for painting. I have learned some new techniques and the brushes that I got will help me. Oh, talking about sweeping the floor, did I tell you that we have a sofa bed that we hope someone will take.

I do have some sad news for those of you who were planning to come to visit me at Beacon Original Art.

Due to repairs to the facility the show had to be cancelled. However the good news is that there will be a fall show and I plan on being there! I'll bring you up to date. when I get the information.

Don't forget to come to the Bow Valley Ranche to view the works of three amazing artists: Andrew Kiss; Piroska Pipo and of course "moi" the one and only Victoria Zyluk.

Also, if you or a friend want a sofa bed please contact me and you can have it for free!

P.S. Don't throw away those end of the roll foil pieces pieces! Incorporate them into your paintings. Or the foil from chocolate bars or other candies.

Watch out for my next blog on March 19. I will be posting some new courses on March 6.

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