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Covid and Art

I'm not saying that covid is art but when I have commissions to complete, especially for Christmas Day, covid doesn't help. In order to catch up I've been sleeping and painting. Also, I'm trying to prepare for the next round of artists at the Bow Valley Ranche. Thank goodness

I have some photographs to act as a filler. For those of you who haven't been to the Ranche, the above is a photograph of the building in winter. The Ranche is a lot more than just the building above. However, it is the centre for our many art displays hosted in the dining room. There are so many rooms on the ground floor and our last "Meet the Artist Evening" was held in conjunction with a special dinner, the Cork and Cuisine Truffle Evening, hosted by the Ranche Restaurant. The artists were able to meet with the guests in a room off to the side of the main dining room. One of the artists, Marg Smith, did a painting demonstration next to the bar. Below is a photograph of Marg, sitting, and I standing. I believe that Marg sold that painting that evening. Way to go Marg!

I met with another wonderful artist, Liba Labik, who has her work on display. She has several paintings of mushrooms on display and her technique makes the mushrooms look so exotic and attractive. She also shared some "mushroom music" with me. Below, I have a

photograph of Liba with her colourful display of mushrooms and flowers. The third artist for the evening was Jeanette McClelland who is an extremely talented artist with many credentials. Below, is a photograph of Jeanette and her daughter Susan with one of Jeanette's many paintings on display. I also have to thank Rosa and Felix from the Ranche Restaurant who helped make the evening the great success it was.

The photograph above is of Larry (Founder of the Ranche Historical Society) Jeanette, Rosa and Felix. I also want to thank the staff of the Restaurant who went out of their way to make the evening a great success.

It was shortly after this evening that my family and I came down with covid. I have almost caught up with the commissions, but unfortunately, have had to postpone my classes until I test negative for covid. And yes, I did have both my covid and flu shots before I got sick.

Don't forget that you still have time to order a painting for that special someone for either Christmas or the New Year. AND don't forget buying classes for yourself, family or friends. For classes just contact me on my Contact Page on my Website.

The Bow Valley Ranche is set in the confines of the Fish Creek Provincial Park and the surrounding area adds to the Ranche Community. Annie's is open Spring to Autumn and

I so love the ice cream there. We also held a photographic exhibition at Annie's. Oh yes, did you know that 30% of the sales by the artists and photographers is donated to the Ranche Historical Society.

Here we have the start of a two day presentation by Doug Levitt at the Ranche on "En Plein Air" painting. Doug generously donated his time for the two days allowing the artists to attend at no cost to themselves. Thanks Doug!

Finally, I must mention the ice caves nearby. They are a favourite of mine.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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James Falkener
James Falkener
Dec 11, 2023

Lovely photographs!! Well done. Do trust you are feeling a little better.

Merry Christmas!


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