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Buy a Painting: Help an Artist ... to buy more supplies ... get a frame for a painting .. and so on!

I've been having a run of good luck recently. I've sold a couple of paintings. "Yahoo ! BIG MONEY! I'M RICH. I think that I'll paint another painting and this time watch my time and charge minimum wage. In Alberta! it's $15.00 per hour. Now do I count when I'm just painting or travelling down to the store to buy some paint or when I'm talking on the phone - oh delight - someone wants to talk about one of my paintings! "Whatsthat? you want me to donate a painting to "Save The Goats"! Gloria told you that I'd be an easy mark!?"

"How much do you want to pay me?" "Nothing, you've got to be kidding? "No that's not a joke in poor style - just kiddin isn't anti goat - it's a saying. Well, I'm sorry that you don't see it that way. No I won't give it to you because you feel bad! I'll feel bad if I can't feed myself or that I can't buy paints to paint another picture!"

Anyway after a long drawn out conversation, and promises of lots of purchases from the members (turns out to be goats) I give up and donate the expensive painting to the cause!

"What was I saying? Oh yes should I charge for time spent on the phone. After all, "goats" it was a professional conversation. O.K. I'll mark it down. Speaking to goats - I can't believe it - no way - 30 minutes - O.K. 30 minutes at $15.00 per hour. That's $7.50 - I wonder what the CRA will say.

Oh yes, I'm back at the show and it's really busy and I'm trying to be polite and considerate of everyone who talks to me. Ah, here's someone. I'm so glad that you like my art. I really appreciate it. Which one is your favourite. The one with the rider in a red jacket on a horse. Can you tell me how you painted that horse, I'd like to paint one just like that! Did you know that my grandmother was an artist? Yes she painted in oils.

As she's listing the names of the paintings, I noticed some interested customers patiently waiting to speak with me. Unable to extricate myself from the conversation they give up and move on. An artist must be ready and allowed to seize the opportunity to talk about THEIR ART AND MAKE A SALE!


"Oh look an Art Show!" An afternoon diversion for some visitors. And Yes. we do welcome everyone. After thoughtfully gazing at a painting that has caught their eye, or even strolling past, the artist becomes excited by their acknowledgement. Those who do stop to chat help to boost the artist's confidence. Feedback is important, as they may notice some things in the painting. that you haven't. The visitor thinks, "I really like the red in that painting, Should I tell the artist?" Yes you should! The conversation begins! The visitor is fascinated with the texture and technique, asking more questions showing a growing interest in the painting. They are happy that the artist is taking the time to help them visualize the painting in their home. Just to be sure of their decision, they take a card, make another sweep of the Art Show only to return and offer to purchase. The customer deserves your patience and congeniality.

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