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Bow Valley Ranche - Part 2 - Good Food, THE FORBIDDEN CITY, advertising, water colour or is it wine?

Only a few days left to see my artworks left up close to appreciate the texture of the paintings. The last day is May 31. Thank you to all my supporters who made the trek out and perhaps had lunch at the Bow Valley Ranche.

My little sister came from Ontario to view this special exhibit!

During her visit we dined sumptuously at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant, Azuridge Hotel, Carriage House Inn and Forbidden City (sounds mysterious). Now, I'll have to do a lot of gardening to wear off those calories!

Breaking News! My lawn sign has arrived! It's one thing to advertise art workshops and courses on the web (even though it goes out to the WORLD!!) but another to daringly put up an art classes sign on my front lawn saying, "I'm ready to share my skills with the Neighbourhood." Now they will know who lives here! Scary? I see myself as an ambassador for the Arts. I introduce Art to the participants and perhaps launch them in this direction. And for that opportunity I am grateful!

On Friday, May 26, I will be leading an "Artistic Homage to Grapes" Wine and art supplies are provided. Have you ever painted using wine instead of water? It works. The class starts at 6.30pm and is scheduled to finish at 8.00pm. Sometimes our classes do go overtime depending on how we're doing.

We also are running our competition. We have just completed our second week of the eight week event. You have oodles of time to catch up before the end. The other day Samantha received an email telling her that the person trying to answer the question. It looked O.K. to Samantha and then she realized that the person must have been using her mobile phone. So Samantha looked at her phone and was confused as well. For this week she promises to be more careful and remember that there is a mobile and a desktop!!!!

If you're one of those confused people give her another chance!

Samantha also asked me to share that people who answer quickly GET BONUS POINTS. The first person to get the correct answer receives 5 points + i for the correct answer, The second person gets 4 points + 1, the third 3 points + 1 and so on!. Why don't you try now?

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