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Why is it important to look after your brushes?

  1. They can become crusty and affect your artwork if left unwashed.

  2. They can lose bristles and won't perform as well as you expected.

  3. When you leave a brush with hairs down in the water, it causes hairs to bend. Even with a stiff brush hairs will spread, become frayed and puff when dry!

  4. Good care extends the life of your brush and maintains the quality of the marks produced.

  5. Other colours won't get mixed with the intended colour.

  6. Looking after your brushes properly improves your artwork.

  7. Brushes can get damaged during transport so carry them well secured in a carrying case or holder.

Trees in Glenmore Park South - Photograph by Samantha Zyluk

The Acrylic Paint Colours I would suggest for this painting would be:

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Cadmium yellow light

  • Cadmium red

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Burnt Umber

  • Bone black

  • Sap green

  • Phthalo blue

  • Titanium white

We are coming to the end of the September season for the Art Exhibition at the Bow Valley Ranche and the wonderful artists will be taking their art home to make way for a new exhibition, which will be on display for the months of October to January 2024. The new artists will be Biba Labik, Marg Smith and Jeanette McClelland. Remember that 30% of art and photographic sales will be donated to the Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society. Annie's will be closing its doors for the winter months and the photographs will be taken down to make way for a new exhibition in the spring.

Photographs by Samantha Zyluk: Annie's at the Ranche, Stonehenge and The Ranche House (where the restaurant is.

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