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As one exhibition closes another one opens

Yes, that's right, we're coming to the end of Victoria's exhibition at the Ranche and Samantha will be exhibiting her photographs at Annie's, which is the small café near the Ranche. At present, I have my prints ready for framing and the frames with mats will be ready by Saturday. One of my photographs is entitled "Where have all the Children gone?" It's a photograph of a deserted and derelict one room school house. Victoria

attended school there before being bussed one and a half hours, one way, to the Big School . The shadow as it grows reminds us that time stops for nobody. Think of how many children attended this school over the years and ask the question "Where have all the Children Gone?" In the case of The Ranche and Annie's saviours, Larry and Mitzie Wasyliw, in 1995 recognized the historical significance of the Bow Valley Ranche and led the

volunteers in the community to start to restore the Ranche. For me, the photographer, history plays a huge part in the understand of the future and how we got there. These photographs when sold will contribute 30% of their price to the BVR restoration Society. Drop in to visit and buy a photograph!

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