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An Artists' View

“Creating Art is like yoga for the brain.”    - Marg Smith, Artist

When you’re thinking about adding more physical exercise to your life don’t forget about your BRAIN !! Creativity happens when the mind is allowed to wander. Neuroscience has shown the connection between neurons and creativity. Moreover, it is not limited to just one part of the brain. Artistic pursuits as well as learning, experimenting, exploring and problem

Victoria Zyluk and Marg Smith at the Bow Valley Ranche

"Meet The Artist Evening" Marg sold that painting that night

solving create new neuropathways, networks or connections. Yoga trains your body and mind to work together just as artistic activities promote balance, well – being and health.

To the right: "What a View" by Marg Smith

Stretching in Yoga tones the muscles and improves endurance. Stretch your mind. Be absorbed in the moment. Be present. Be aware. Reflect. By expressing yourself you are reaching out to connect with others. However, it is up to the individual how to express that creative urge. Needless to say that for example clinging to a cliff while Plein Air Painting could present a challenge and be downright dangerous! For someone short of breath, Glass – blowing may also be a challenge.

"Hollyhocks" "A New Season" "Guardians of the Woods"

Paintings by Victoria Zyluk

Choose wisely! Painting requires planning your composition, observation, focus, choosing equipment, choosing your colour palette, creating movement and emotional connection. Decisions must be made. Eliminate the FEAR. Explore, experiment. THE RESULTS ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!

Victoria Zyluk

Art Exhibition Coordinator

Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society

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