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An Artist’s View – May 5, 2024

Hello! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Well, another eventful weekend! Friday’s Artist Reception at the Mahogany Homeowners Association Spring Fling Thing Art Show was a BLAST!! When I arrived it was already in full swing! People were strolling through the maze of artwork with wine glass and plate of tasty morsels in hand commenting on and admiring the artworks. Live entertainment lent a festive vibe to the evening but did however, make conversation with viewers challenging!  A spacious outdoor deck overlooking the lake provided a welcome break from the activity inside.

Sunset Glow

Rushing Water Calm Fuchsia

The variety of artwork was astounding! Several of my larger pieces were making their debut and I was thrilled to receive such positive responses to my work!!!  A very comfortable and enjoyable evening!

Snow Hills Storm Clouds Walk in the Woods

Participating in the well organized and promoted Calgary Artist Studio Tour  (CAST for short) was a first for me! Such a fun idea for the community to discover the many artists amongst them! For 3 days artists opened their studios to the public who could chose via QR code which studios to visit and then follow the route (like a scavenger hunt). I really did enjoy meeting avid art enthusiasts and hearing about their experiences. Lovely people! New friends!


Thank you, Mahogany HOA and Calgary Artists Studio Tour for giving artists this great opportunity to showcase their work and connect with their community at these two events.  Thank you also to the wonderful people who purchased my art and to all who visited my studio! Already looking forward to next year!

A Video of our front room

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