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An Artist’s View – March 23, 2024

Updated: Apr 6

“You never stop learning. There is always room to expand your skills or try something new.” -------Dana Winistok, Artist.


Commentary by Victoria Zyluk, Art Exhibition Coordinator, Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society.


Trying something new can be daunting. We can get too comfortable in one style or medium. Perhaps you are waiting to perfect your current artistic expression. Will it ever be perfect? In the meantime there are sooooooo many options. What would have happened if Monet had not met Boudin who convinced him to join him in En Plein Air painting! Suddenly he discovered a whole new dimension for his work -------the joy of being among natural elements and being able to see the many nuances

Dana's Painting

and colours in shadows! And we would not have the wonderful works of many other well-known artists who dared to seek and embrace new ideas! Although many started out in the traditional classical style of painting they ventured to change their subject matter (and even colours). Artists are curious people. They are explorers. They adapt, adopt and create a style unique to themselves. In the past they met, shared, analyzed and discussed their works. What can we do to expand our current knowledge and skills? Join an art group. Meet with other artists. Visit art shows and galleries. Read. Take an art course to develop your abilities. Explore new materials available to us via Internet, art supply stores or talk with other artists. There are so many tools and media now from which to choose. Possibilities are endless! New styles are more acceptable than in the past. Culture is developing at an accelerated rate! Be brave! Be bold! Who knows-----you could become the founder of a totally new wave of artistic expression!


From top left to right - Ice Caves at Bow Valley - Fish Creek

From bottom left to right - Victoria Zyluk - Burnsmead Wetlands

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