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An Artist’s View – March 11, 2024


“An artist who feels a deep connection with the woods finds poetry in the forest’s heart.” ---- Liba Labik, Artist

"Time of The Lily" by Liba Labik


Commentary by Victoria Zyluk, Art Exhibition Coordinator, Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society


There is something soothing and restorative about walking in the woods. The stillness with only the forest sounds speaks without words. You are alone with your thoughts and senses. I recall to this day while meandering through the woods treading carefully over the leaf and branch covered forest floor, I came upon a sight that imprinted on my mind and filled my heart with gratitude. There, at the base of a majestic black walnut tree was a large patch of white trilliums! The contrast of

their white petals against the dark forest green of the leaves was breathtaking! To see so many in one spot seemed a miracle as it takes about 15 years for one of these plants to bloom. ( If picked no other trillium will grow there) I felt compelled to represent this sight in a painting. Experiences like this gave me a deep respect for the natural world----its infinite variety and fragility. Art, Music, Dance, Literature, Cuisine and more have all been inspired by Nature. Robert Frost wrote one of my favourite poems entitled “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Whenever I paint a snow scene I think about this poem. The forest has a language of its own. Everything within is interdependent and communicates. Everything is important. From mushroom to beetle. I recently learned that mushrooms communicate with each other! Now it makes me think twice about eating them! So it is with any living creature. Take only what you need. Greed is unacceptable. And if we want to continue to find comfort, inspiration, and healing in the forest’s heart we need to be advocates for conservation and preservation of our environment now.

"Walk in the Woods" "Trilliums" "Spring Palette"

Paintings by Victoria Zyluk

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