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An Artist's View

Updated: Mar 3

“Whether it’s through the eyes of a  painter or sculptor, a photographer or illustrator, the artist is continually challenged to try to capture an inspiring moment created by nature and to preserve its essence.”

---Kelly Curliss, Artist

"All Alone" by Kelly Curliss - On display and available for purchase, at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant.


Thank you Kelly for your insightful comment! Why do artists seek to capture a moment? It is so fleeting! Nature presents itself and then dissipates the moment!

The middle painting "Giant" is by Kelly Curliss - Buy one of the fabulous paintings and support the BVR Historical Society

Is it the intention of Nature to confound or frustrate us? We repeat the process again and again. Why do we chase the illusion? An artist acts as a witness or recorder of the moment.

"It's Still Not Summer" by Kelly Curliss - Buy Me at The BVR Ranche

But how to preserve the moment so that it is not lost?  If there was an easy answer there would not be so many versions of the moment! Therein lies the challenge! By representing that moment, whenever we gaze upon  the artwork we hope to recall or re- experience the feeling. Whatever the outcome, an indelible impression is imprinted in the mind!


Kelly's paintings are on display at THE BOW VALLEY RANCHE

Victoria Zyluk

Art Exhibition Coordinator

Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society

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