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An Artist’s View ----April 7, 2024


“ Painting is my meditation, my refuge. It exists in a timeless state  --an egoless zone where I feel complete.” --------- Azadeh Tehrani, Artist

Commentary by Victoria Zyluk, Art Exhibition Coordinator, Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society 


What happens when artists paint? Do they just approach the canvas with a brush and dive in? Perhaps. However, in most cases there is preparation. As

Painting by Azadeh Tehrani

in meditation a designated time must be made. The space needs to be prepared. Equipment at hand. Mindset ready Breathing is important. A rhythm is established. An idea that has been formulating now enters planning, composition, and a decision-making stage. But all of this is part of the preparation “package.” You have now entered the “Zone”.  The rest of the world can wait as you begin to explore, wander, becoming more and more free of external elements. There is only you and the painting. A connection is made and a relationship develops. The painting is non- judgmental. Time stands still. Action and thoughts become one and you feel as if this is where you are meant to be. While painting you may experience some feelings and thoughts that can be explored. It is an opportunity to have a discourse with yourself. Why am I applying so much purple today. Am I trying to reveal something to myself? Am I listening or ignoring this observation. Closed eyes help keep you in a meditative state. However, although it can be done when painting, it could present a challenge (but may be a technique worth exploring.) Before you know it, hours have gone by and you have not even looked at the clock! You are receiving something from painting just as the painting is receiving creation from  you. And by this act of creation whether intentional or not others are receiving more than you could ever imagine!

"Daybreak" by Victoria Zyluk Victoria outside Annie's Open on Weekends Burnsmead Wetlands by Victoria


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