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An Artist’s View – April 27, 2024 - Beacon Art Exhibition

Hi everyone! Last weekend I participated in the Beacon Original Spring Exhibition at the Riverside Bridgeland Community Association. There was an amazing variety of artwork along with hand-crafted items ranging from pottery to fine knitted apparel. Such precise work! You could see the care taken to create their pieces.

a scene of one of my easels

The Artwork was displayed on easels aligned down the centre creating a walkway on either side. Art was even exhibited in the upper mezzanine! Approximately twenty-five different artists brought their beautiful creations on each day of the show. You ‘ll find so many choices when surrounded by the wonderful works!

My table in the mezzanine

It was great to renew acquaintances, meet new people, and encourage each other. The colours, styles and techniques all mingle on a spectrum. Take your time, stroll around, talk with artists, buy a special piece to take home. Events like this provide opportunities for conversation, curiosity and learning. Perhaps someone may be inspired to take up a form of artistic expression! Who knows??----that someone may be You

Thank you to all who purchased my artwork and to friends who stopped by. Thank you also to organizers Tammy and Stephen f for all their patience, help and hard work in arranging this weekend for everyone! See you at the Fall Show!!!r all their patience, help and hard work in arranging this weekend for

With gratitude,


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