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An Artist’s View – April 13, 2024


“ An artist should paint things that interest her/him. There is always something to learn by taking regular classes and workshops! I will paint until I can no longer hold a brush!”

                                                                                                                                                     --Ellen Lorne, Artist


Commentary by Victoria Zyluk, Art Exhibition Coordinator, Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society


You are often advised (and rightly so) to paint things that interest you? Why? In the

Sunset on the Rails by Ellen Lorne

first place it makes for a happy artist! Why be miserable painting something in which you have not the slightest interest or find distasteful? Your disposition is a key factor. There is a familiarity and you feel comfortable with the subject. This is brought out in your colours and brushstrokes. Having a personal experience or connection to it is even better as you have a story associated with your subject. A viewer gets to know the artist and in turn forms a connection with both the painter (as they may have had a similar experience). and the artwork. Now there is a better understanding of the artistic expression! On their art journey an artist continues to grow their skills by visiting galleries, exhibitions, talking with other artists, taking classes and workshops, travelling and practicing in order to better express their feeling about the subject or present a message. Changes happen along the way. Embrace your evolution! Overcome obstacles. Continue the journey. Even if there is a point where you can no longer hold a brush, give advice, share skills, discuss art, visit shows, encourage other artists, and offer help. Support Art as it has supported your life’s journey. And in this way leave your legacy to the world contributing to the wellness of humanity by creating Art.

Paintings by Victoria Zyluk from left to right: Summer Shed Parting Gift Afternoon

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