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An Artist's View

Updated: Mar 3

“Most people think being an artist means having innate talent, but it took years of dedicated practice and many failures to get where I am today.” – Piroska Pipo, Artist

Thank you Piroska!

A young artist working to improve their work.

A beautiful painting is created from experience, knowledge, and perseverance!

It takes many hours of practice with your materials.

The ability and talent may be there, but we need to take an active role in developing it!

No matter what skill you are working on, it takes time and time and time ...

Twinkling Lights , acrylic, 12x16 by Piroska Pipo

Desire, time and effort all contribute to make the final result awesome and what seems "effortless."

It has taken hours of practice to reach this stage.

Keep Calm, Be Kind to yourself and carry on, YOU'LL MAKE IT!

Victoria Zyluk

Art Exhibition Coordinator

Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society

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