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A New Addition to!!!!

We are introducing a brand new strand to Beyondart. Samantha Zyluk, as she says, has been taking "snaps" as she has been hiking around the Fish Creek Provincial Park System near where she lives. However, the last two years has slowed her down, as she has required two knee replacement surgeries.

This hasn't slowed Samantha down and on some mornings she can be seen taking photographs of the sky and the clouds. The orange photograph was taken from her back door on a Calgary morning! The colours are so dramatic and Samantha loves the silhouettes. Skies do hold a fascination for her as we can see from the next photograph.

This photograph shows the angry sky above her home in south-west Calgary. The shades of grey, the pinks outlining some of the clouds. There are so many lines to observe and follow. It's almost as though Samantha has a weather channel above her as she sits outside by the back door.

The next photograph is one of a one room school in Ontario. You'll read from Samantha

in her own words a dimension of a one room school house that maybe many of you don't think about. Two students from this school have made deep lasting impressions on her and have helped shape some of Samantha's philosophies as she has matured. Seeing the school in a state of decay is so sad and so many stories have been lost as a result of that decay. When the school was closed, some of the students were bussed to a "nearby school", one and a half hours away. This trip involved riding on two busses.

The shadow converging on the school is symbolic of the march of time and a way of life lost. Now don't get me wrong there are positive points about the larger schools, but some amazing people were educated at this school. I just wonder,

"where have all the children gone?" Are we throwing out our heritage about our history?

All the pictures in this blog are on sale on the website. They are 8" x 10" framed for only $35.00. The picture to the left is called "Mr. McMooch". We went to Lake Louise last summer and this little guy followed us. We think he's a chipmunk (what do you think?) He also, "posed" for a photograph (notice the smile). When his picture was posted on Instagram it was an instant hit! We couldn't leave him out!

One of our favourite spots is Beach Acres Resort in Parksville. We have been visiting here for over 30years and always enjoy the views, the scents of the trees, the amazing beach and the walks that we would take. Samantha was intrigued by the driftwood and the shapes and textures to be found. The beach, I think, is about a mile wide at low tide and all the little tidal pools contain a variety of little creatures and plant life. We also loved to make our meals in the kitchen in the cottages. We'll be back soon!

This photograph was taken on one of Samantha's walks around the park. To date she has been using a cell phone camera to take pictures. When she saw the birds sitting on a log, she crept closer and closer and as soon as the birds "Took Flight" Samantha took about five quick "snaps". Luckily one of them was able to show the bird in flight. Just look at the the wingspan! Samantha enjoys not only the Provincial Parks but her own back yard. as well. Garden Buddies shows some of the bright colours colours that Samantha is passionate about. We have so many flowers in our back yard to attract the bees.

Take a look at the Gallery and click on Photography - Samantha Zyluk to see the full

range of photographs. We have a beautiful country!

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