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Inspirational Photos

Photos by Victoria Zyluk.

Inspiration is everywhere!

The mountains and forests are a continuous source of inspiration. Trying to photograph the amazing scenery was futile for just as I discovered one scene another one was waiting to delight me! So I decided that it was better to behold these wonders, be in the awesome present and not miss a moment!

Strolling through gardens is one of my favourite past times. Butchart Gardens in Victoria on Vancouver Island is one of my favourites. I love the gardens and trellis. Many Paintings resulted from my visits.

Inspirational Locations

View the amazing locations from which I have drawn my inspiration. Send me an email with new places you've been or if you have seen the spots I talk about! Always looking for another adventure.

Location #1 - Readers Garden (Calgary)

Readers Garden in Calgary contains a species of every Albertan flower. Meander through this garden as you climb stone steps to the top where a delightful tea room awaits.

Location #2 - Historic Bow Valley Ranch (Calgary)

Bow Vally Ranch's Artisan Gardens are a lovely place to spend the afternoon marvelling at the talented artists whose multi-media works are on display in the garden. So inspiring!

Victoria Sharing Some of Her Inspirations

Victoria lives her goals, turning them into inspirations in action!

Location #4 - Monet's Home in Giverny (France)

Monet's Garden at Giverny was chocked full of flowers and pathways. Everything was in bloom! In the midst of all this colour sat his two-storey pink house!

Location #5 - Parksville Beach Acres Resort (B.C.)

Beach Acres Resort is on the east side of Vancouver. The Island restores my soul! You can walk out for a mile when the tide goes out.

Location #6 - My Garden (Calgary)

My own garden is a peaceful refuge. Everything was planted with a plan of rotating bloom.  Additions of hand-made birdhouses, barn and a large metal butterfly make it a special place. Birds enjoy the repurposed bowl for their bath and the rescued former bush (now a lovely tree) provides shade and a fiery burst of colour in Autumn.

Send me a great location!

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